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In order to sustain maximum growth while serving the communities that are critical to your mission, it’s essential to focus on a drive toward achieving success.


As fundraisers, there is no room for error while many non-profits plan and implement their goals operating on a shoe-string budget. Beyond Success’ personal, customized coaching has empowered fundraisers to focus their efforts and energies on activities that produce immediate results, turning prospects into donors, leveraging donor engagement through personalized stewardship strategies and creating a path toward maximum sustainable growth.


Since 2009, we at BeyondSuccess have been keeping non-profit organizations competitive by sharing critical business insights from some of the most successful business leaders around the world.


BeyondSuccess’ coaching is based on Edith Moricz’s 20 years of business management including 10 years as a successful financial advisor who then raised over $10MM in 10 years to impact local and national charities. Born without a left arm, she understands the power of persistence and consistent hard work required to attain her professional and personal goals. It is this passion for coaching people that has enabled her to help fundraising professionals at all career levels advance in their careers and lead their nonprofit organizations toward sustainable revenue growth, even during economic downturns.